Catherine Huang: McAfee LLC, USA ([email protected]

Don Wunsch:         Missouri Uni of Science & Technology, USA ([email protected]

Yaochu Jin:            University of Surrey, UK ([email protected]

Yew Soon Ong:      Nanyang Technological University, Singapore([email protected]

Celeste Fralick:     McAfee LLC, USA ([email protected]

Program Committee

Dipankar Dasgupta:  University of Memphis, USA( [email protected])
Daniel Tauritz: Auburn University([email protected])
Xinghua Qu: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, ([email protected])
Xiao Huang: HSBC, UK ([email protected])

Alvin Chan Guo Wei: Nanyang Technological University([email protected])

Guoyang Xie: University of Surrey, UK  ([email protected])

Jia Liu: University of Surrey, UK( [email protected])

Samuel Mulder: Sandia National Labs, USA( [email protected])
Srivathsan Srinivasagopalan: AT&T Cybersecurity, USA